todayDeltona, FL+79 milesItems Wanted
Needing a Blazer type jacket for interview, size 22/24. If you have one you can spare I'd be very grateful =)
yesterdayClearwater, FL+66 milesItems Wanted
First move in over 15 years. I flipped out when I saw moving costs these days. I am in dire need of a 42" tb box and 4 large frame boxes. All sturdy boxes would be appreciated. Thank you.
yesterdayFt Myers, FL+87 milesItems Wanted
I'm in the market for a Guitar Hero (or Rock Band, or any such music game) controller. It could be for any system, any shape, it could even be broken or have parts missing. I don't intend to play games with it, I want it as a costume prop.
yesterdayMelbourne, FL+86 milesItems Wanted
I'm looking for a working water dispenser (if it dispenses cold/hot water, even better!) A unit I can put the bottle into, I don't have a separate water hookup. Thank you in advance!
yesterdayDunedin, FL+64 milesItems Wanted
First move in over 15 years. Flipped out when I saw how much moving costs these days. In dire need of tv box for 42" and 4 large frame boxes. All sturdy boxes would be appreciated. Thanks.
this weekTampa, FL+42 milesItems Wanted
I'm starting a compost bin. I'd like to use someone's unneeded carbon materials instead of buying some from a big box store. Please reach out if you have some; will pick up.
this weekSt. Petersburg, FL+58 milesItems Wanted
I am interested in any kind of fabric. I have sewing projects that I would like to work on but I need fabric. Thank you!
this weekLake Wales, FL+17 milesItems Wanted
i have been doing my laundry between my moms and my dads house; and its really hard to keep up with everythting, i have a 2yr old and a 7yr old, my fiance works full time and we just make it bill wise; plz anything can help
this weekOcala, FL+91 milesItems Wanted
I need Mobile home kitchen cabinets and garden tub
this weekMelbourne, FL+86 milesItems Wanted
I am in need of nearly 200 4-inch & 1-gallon sized nursery pots. Every contribution helps. I live in Palm Bay but work in Melbourne so I'm happy to pickup in those areas. TIA
this weekKissimmee, FL+40 milesItems Wanted
Good morning! If anyone has port a crib w/the bassinet part, bouncy chair, or swing that they longer need or using I would so deeply appreciate them. I watch kids during the day n I would be so grateful. Also any baby toys. Thank you so very much Hope u all hav a blessed day!
this weekKissimmee, FL+40 milesItems Wanted
My desktop PC suddenly stopped. Very suddenly. Not a single sign of life - with no fan running on the PSU. Don't need much power rating. 1 SSD, 1 HDD and 1 DVD drive.
this weekSarasota, FL+61 milesItems Wanted
I read my post,after I posted it, and scoffed at myself. I'd like to find a 7-wood ... any 7-wood. I have Taylormade Driver, 3, and 5 now. A matching 7-wood would be amazing, but not expected.